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Our floral designs are always inspired by nature. To minimise our ecological footprint, we responsibly forage as much as we can and incorporate local flowers and foliage into our arrangements, bouquets and installations. We love natural and lush designs with plenty of foliage, but we also lean towards more contemporary, sculptural floral design. We are deeply influenced by Ikebana and intentional use of each single stem. We don’t subscribe to the term of “filler flowers”, every flower and every piece of green has its own place in our designs.


We mainly offer our floral design services as part of full wedding planning and design, but occasionally also will do only floral design & styling for weddings and events. If you’re looking for organic florals with a contemporary feel, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch here.

Images by Taylor & Porter, Vicki Grafton, Ashley Ludaescher, 2 Brides, Susanna Nordvall, Petra Veikkola

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