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Brides & grooms


A big congratulations on your engagement! We are so happy that you made it to our website. We know that right now you may be overwhelmed with everything that needs to be planned, arranged, designed. We have been there ourselves when we planned our first events. It’s a major task, and it can be so hard to figure out where to even get started.


Luckily, you don’t have to do it all by yourselves. In fact, you don’t have to do anything at all if you don’t feel like it. As a full-service wedding design studio we offer complete planning, design and production, and we are connected to some of the best wedding vendors out there who share our values and the deep belief that a wedding should be first and foremost about the couple it celebrates. 



Our in-house services include:


Wedding planning & coordination

Design & styling

Creative direction

Floral design 

Calligraphy & graphic design


Whether you’re planning a big wedding for 500 guests, an intimate wedding dinner with friends or you’re eloping to the edge of the world, our well-rounded range of services allows you to leave your complete wedding planning and design in our hands. No need to source for planners, stylist, florists and stationery designers separately, you can just lean back and let us do everything for you

Our process


Since every couple and every wedding is special, there is no one way for our planning and design process. Some couples want to work hand in hand with us, letting us guide them through the planning process, deciding on every detail together along the way. Other couples want to leave everything into our hands. It is always up to you how much you want to be involved in the planning process. 


We don’t offer ready packages, but instead target every offer especially to your needs. Our pricing is transparent, because we know that it’s hard to buy complex services like ours. Expenses and materials such as flowers are added to our design, styling and planning fees without mark-ups. We always present you with a full budget break-down, so you know your investment in detail and line by line. 


In one thing every planning process is the same. We always sit down with you before anything else, whether in person or via video chat, and we get to know you – and you get to know us. Giving your wedding into the hands of someone else is a big deal, and for us it is the greatest honour. So, we want you to feel 100% sure that you can entrust us with this task. It’s the foundation for our journey together.


Once we start envisioning your big day together, we’ll ask you to forget everything that you have seen on Pinterest or Instagram. We will look for that sparkle in your eyes during our conversations and ask you to close your eyes and imagine how you want to feel on your big day. And that is where we will start. We will put our hearts and souls into creating that feeling for you. Your wedding is supposed to be yours, genuinely, and not a copy of someone else’s.

> Get in touch today and let's start imagining it together!

Wedding FAQ

"We have already planned and booked major parts of our wedding and now feel overwhelmed with putting the details together. Is it too late to book you?"

Oh, absolutely not too late. Pulling together details to make a coherent whole is our jam. We will coordinate the vendors you booked, source whatever is left open and make sure that you can look forward to your big day without any worries. 

"Do you only plan small, intimate weddings and elopements?"

No. In fact our average wedding has about 100 guests. So, really from elopements to large weddings, everything is possible! 

Get in touch today and we can talk more!

"We want to elope, how can you help us make it happen?"

We love being part of your elopement. And we will do everything to make your day truly magical and memorable, and not just a drive around to photo shoot locations. Read more about our thoughts on elopements here!

"Do you only do full service weddings or can we book you only for parts?"

We do love to offer you full services, but we're definitely open to offer partial services. We always include design, styling and floral design, but we have on occasion worked with a stationer the couple loved. Not every couple needs day-of coordination or help with full wedding planning, so if you want to go that route, we can easily omit these services too.

Lifestyle shoot curation & styling for couples, families, friends

Let's be real for a moment.

Being photographed is always terrifying and following instructions is hard! “Look a little more to your left…now lift your head… smile a little… hold that pose” - we know how this feels, sincerely. And we want none of that for you. You probably have taken some couple or family portraits before. After the session you receive a range of portraits of you in nice clothes in a pretty location. 


What if instead of just a range of posed portraits you would receive a story. A story that shows the best parts of your life at right at this moment in time. Captured in masterful imagery.  A set of images that you can flip through in years to come and you will instantly remember how you felt at the moment they were taken. How much love, joy and warmth you felt for the people around you.

We offer design, creative direction and styling for genuine and truly personal imagery that reflect you as people. 


We love working on creating intimate, personal photo shoots that tell your very own story, in a genuine way. Imagine imagery of you in the surroundings you feel most at home in, doing what you love to do - captured in the best possible way. No fake poses or awkward smiles, just real connection. All you need to do is be yourself and forget that there’ll be a photographer in the room to capture it all.


We believe that photos are much better when they tell a true story, and we are here to help you uncover which parts of your story you want to tell.

Our process


It’s all about you. Really, it’s as simple as that. We want to get to know you – what makes your heart sing with joy, what are the big moments in your life, and what are the tiny things that make you smile every day. What moves you, what connects you as a couple or what you do together as a family. Let’s sit down together and talk for hours! There’s no time limit on this process and we don’t charge by hour. We want to laugh with you and sometimes cry a little (it has happened before). 


We write a mini script for your shoot and through gentle direction we help you find the most natural moves and actions to fill the story. We put on your favourite tunes and make it fun, make it cosy, and sometimes we make it sexy. You won’t need to worry about what to wear or what location or shoot environment works best - we’ll figure all of that out for you. And once you’re comfortable in your routine and everything is set, the photographer will capture you in the most natural way - no interference or interruptions, no posing in any way. 


The result is always magical. There is no other way of putting it. These images of yourselves are going to be unlike anything you have ever seen. They will feel more real and more emotional than any portrait taken of you before.


It’ll be a story set into beautiful photographs that you will treasure for the rest of your lives.


Want some examples? Click here, here and here

Authentic lifestyle shoot FAQ

“We don’t have any stories to tell, we’re just normal people”

This is something we hear all the time. When planning weddings, elopements and personal shoots. Believe us, there is so much about you that makes you special and unique. Almost everything you do seems mundane to you, because you do it all the time. You don’t see the beautiful way that you as a couple look at each other or how you interlock your fingers when you’re nervous. You don’t feel that the fact that you do crossword puzzles together is special, but we do. There is an endless amount of beautiful stories to be told in everyone. Let’s find yours together!

"We’d love an at home session, but our home isn’t like the ones you show in your portfolio."

You know what? Most places we design this kind of shoot at aren’t like the ones in our portfolio. Even those exact ones didn’t start out like that. The main thing a place needs is light and a feeling of home. The rest is gravy. We will curate the environment for you, bring in some textiles and other bits from our styling kit. We want it to feel like an elevated version of your home, still personal, but with no distractions that will take focus from you in the photographs. If there isn’t enough light? We can rent a place for the day. We can choose it together, and you can bring in some keepsakes and personal items to make it feel like home.

“Why can’t the photographer come up with the story?”

Yes, great question! Technically they can. But in the same way that for a movie the camera man doesn’t come up with the script, works on costumes and directs the film, it’s great to let the photographer focus on what they do best: find the best angles, capture moments, and create wonderful image compositions. When one takes the restrictions of planning a setting and posing the clients away from a photographer, many times magical things happen. We have witnessed it time and time again. Every photographer who has worked with us on such a session would agree that the same experience and end result isn’t possible for them to create alone.

Business owners, creatives

Hi peeps, 

Fellow business owners, we'd love to work with you and help make your brand come alive to connect it with your customers in authentic ways. To us it's not about just showing off your products or services - we want to breathe life into your story and make your target audience want to be a part of the lifestyle your brand represents! We do everything from campaign or branding shoot conceptualisation over photographer and vendor selection to creative direction and styling on the shoot. Or we can be a part of your existing team and add a fresh perspective

Planning a workshop or other exciting project?  We love collaborating with other creatives to bring our common vision to life. If you're in need of authentic design, curation or creative direction for your project, get in touch!

Get in touch if you need help with


 lifestyle / branding shoots and brand coaching

editorial shoot production, design & creative direction

putting your service or venue on the map in a competitive market


authentic product shoots

creating content that connects with your audience

design and styling for launch events, dinners, etc

workshop creative direction & styling



Do you only work with big brands?


No, absolutely not. We love working with small businesses and creatives bringing their brands to life through branding shoots and education on creating styled brand imagery. Get in touch and we’ll talk!

Do you offer workshops or mentoring?


We do on demand. There are no fixed packages for mentorship or 1:1 workshops since we always want to target the learning experience entirely to you and where you're at in your professional journey right now. Just get in touch and let's chat about the possibilities!

Do you do corporate events? Can we book you for floral styling only? 


Why, yes and yes. Nord & Mae is the wedding and lifestyle brand of our company Hey Look. Take a look at some of our corporate events and floral installation work on our other website right here.

I’m a photographer and I’m planning to hold a workshop. Do you design, direct and/or style workshops for other creatives?


Absolutely! Get in touch and we’ll evaluate if we’re a good fit for your brand. We want to bring extra value to your student experience in every way, so it’s important that our brands match. Drop us a line, give us a call or send a dm on Instagram to get started! We can’t wait!