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Fiadh branding shoot at the Irish west coast - a love story

This one is going to be a little bit more personal, even though it is essentially a post on a recent branding shoot we designed and created. But it’s also somehow about me. So, this is Michaela writing today, and I’d like to fill you in on the story behind this shoot.

When I visited the Irish west coast for the first time, it felt like I was coming home. The raw landscapes, the stormy weather, the rolling green hills, the Irish hospitality - all of it made me fall in love with this region. But there’s something else, something intangible and hard to put into words. This place has something so raw to it that makes it seem at the same time vulnerable and endlessly powerful. It’s authentic, genuine. I never feel quite as real myself as I do when I’m there. So, I have been going back ever since, and I know that one day I will stay.

When we got the chance to do a branding shoot for Fiadh together with photographer Susanna Nordvall, I was thrilled. Fiadh, the talented lady behind the brand weaves all of her scarves and other pieces by hand in her little studio in Dingle. For her designs she draws inspiration from the beautiful landscape of the west coast, particularly the Dingle Peninsula. She likes to find unusual patterns and colours in indigenous plants that are off the beaten track. “I see unusual yet beautiful pattern and colour combinations in nature and incorporate them into my design work and as the seasons change so do my collections.”

For us, getting the opportunity to head out and examine the relationship between Fiadh’s work and the Irish coastal region, to trace back the influences nature has had on the designs was amazing. It was like seeing the area through someone else’s eyes while at the same time noticing that everything Fiadh sees and it inspired by, was a big part of what made me fall in love with this place. Our cheeks flushed from the brisk fall air and our lips salty from the sea breeze, we explored secluded bays, such as Coumeenole Beach, collected pebbles, climbed the mountains at Connor Pass, walked narrow trails along the cliffs near Sleagh Head and collected dried grasses in the rolling hills. Every day we ended our days over hearty meals listening to Irish folk music at the cosy local pubs.

Our model for the shoot, Sydney, was the perfect companion and guide. She herself once fell for this little spot when she visited Dingle while on holiday. And she stayed. The result of this shoot is in its essence a love story to the region reflected in Fiadh’s designs, Sydney’s expression of her connection to the land, and the imagery.

Creative direction & styling: Nord & Mae Photography: Susanna Nordvall

Ceramics: David Holden


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