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Take a peek into our prop closet

Styling to us, whether it's editorial or wedding styling, is much more than just the simple act of making things pretty. It's about making a scene relatable and alive, it's about connecting items and telling a deeper story. For us, organic, honest styling begins with a solid collection of authentic feeling props. Ours has been curated over many years, and especially over the past few we have made major changes in the way we see our props. Instead of stock-piling a massive amount of generic tableware, silverware, ribbons, fabrics and linens, backdrops, candle holders in all shapes and sizes, we are focusing our collection more and more onto less pieces. The pieces that do make it into our permanent collection are versatile and to us each piece on its own is inspiring. For all of you out there who have been struggling with finding great props, collecting things here and there, never really settling on a style (because you try to mimic others), we have put together a little guide into our own prop curation. We have included plenty of our most favorite sources for backdrops and other styling props, too.

Download your free guide right here. If you're enjoying this insight into our work & styling closet, we'd love for you to drop us a line. We can't wait to create more resources for you in the future. Cheers, Michaela & Lotta


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