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Your elopement should be everything you want it to be!

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Wedding couple in Iceland / Intimate Iceland destination wedding

Eloping to the end of the world. That’s the dream for so many couples, isn’t it? To a majestic secluded spot where one can feel the power of the elements. Just the two of you alone in that grand landscape. You’ve seen plenty of pictures like that on social media, right? And maybe you picked your elopement spot exactly because of those images of other couples alone in that spectacular landscape.

When I, Michaela, first travelled to the Irish West Coast I knew I wanted to see the Cliffs of Moher. I had only seen that amazing place in photos before. I was imagining a little trail that led through fields to the edges of the cliffs. And when we got there, we found big parking lots with tourist busses, a visitor centre and gift shops, big stairways leading to the cliffs. I was so disappointed. All the pictures I had seen never showed this. So from that day on I swore to myself I’d do extensive research before a trip like this. We still went to the cliffs, the next morning right at sunset, before the visitor centre was open. And we were the only ones there. The cliffs were breath-taking, but the magic was still sort of ruined.

Now imagine getting to your elopement location on the day you want to speak your vows, and that gorgeous, vast empty landscape is overrun with tourists. You’ll feel like I felt in front of that stupid visitors centre. Because very often, that’s the truth. With elopements getting more and more popular, with amazing travel images of spectacular places all over social media, it’s hard to find places that aren’t filled with tourist crowds. Your photographer can clone stamp those people out of your images in photoshop and you’ll have that same amazing image that led to you to this place afterwards. But really, we think you deserve to feel on your day what you imagined yourself feeling when you were looking at all of those images beforehand. It won’t be the exact landscapes, but there’s always someplace not far off, that’s even better than that tourist spot. Let us find that location for you! Get in touch today and let's start planning your magical elopement! Want more details first? We have listed the most frequently asked questions below.

Organic wedding stationery / bride's vows and wedding ring on sand from the Black Bead in Iceland / Iceland elopement

What services do you offer for an elopement? Do we really need a planner? 

There's a lots of couples who do their elopement without a planner. So, not, you definitely don't need one. But you may want the ease of knowing that everything is in capable hands, without having to worry about any of the arrangements of your big day. We want you to experience the day to the fullest, and an elopement to a remote destination can come with tricky logistics. The good news is that we can handle all of those for you. We collaborate closely with the photographer to pick the perfect locations and we figure out any logistics. We make sure you start the day out right with a gorgeous, intimate breakfast. We curate the space in which you're getting ready, so you can feel like your most beautiful self. We'll pack you a picnic basket and some bubbly. We create floral designs that you'll love. We'll carry your belongings, fix your hair, play your elopement soundtrack. And after you have read your vows, we make sure you'll come back to a beautifully set and styled dinner table, so you can celebrate your commitment properly. But moreover, we're there for you leading up to the date. Practical tips, advice on what to bring, wardrobe selection for the big day, finding the best places to stay at, etc. We got you!

Cosy fall wedding in Iceland / Wedding couple in front of Icelandic mountain landscape / Intimate Iceland elopement

Could you describe the perfect elopement day?

This is always up to you. If you are an adventure loving couple your perfect elopement day may include a lot of action, whereas other couples may just want to relax and focus on each other. But let us give you one example:

Imagine you wake up in the morning in your perfect cottage in the Scottish Highlands. The most glorious breakfast is waiting for you, so you can enjoy a slow start to your big day. Hereafter you could take a little walk in the nearby hills, build up the excitement for what’s to come. 

You get ready in an environment curated to make you feel most at home, your photographer is with you capturing these moments of anticipation. If you’re unsure of your hair or make-up, we will lend a helping hand. Your bouquet or boutonnière is waiting for you on the table.

We have arranged transportation (or we will drive you) to the place where you will speak your vows. Arriving at the location we scouted for you, you hold your breath because the landscapes are even more stunning than you imagined. There’s not another person in sight. 

Your favourite romantic music starts playing as the two of you make your way to the spot where you will read your vows to each other. Those vows are just for you and your officiant - if you choose to have one. We will stay far, giving this intimate moment to the two of you.

After you have confirmed your commitment to one another, you can make your way to the perfect little picnic spot that we have set for you. Champagne, fruit and canapés are waiting for you to celebrate your vows over.

Then it’s time to take a few portraits in this gorgeous landscape. Your photographer has been with you all along, not interfering in any of the actions, but now they’ll make you pose a little. For those photographs your parents are going to put up on their mantle piece later.

In the evening the most beautifully set dinner table awaits you. Together you sit down to enjoy a long, delicious meal to celebrate your big day.

Does this sound perfect to you too? It certainly does to us. What if it rains or what if it’s freezing cold? We have a plan B and plan C for everything! It won’t be quite the same as plan A, but an elopement on a rainy day can be the most romantic thing ever. We promise!

A cosy elopement morning in a beautiful cottage in Iceland / Asian couple at their cosy Iceland cottage

What are your own favourite locations for elopements?

We love the north! We’d be thrilled to help you design a magical elopement in Norway, Iceland, Lapland, Sweden, Scotland, the Faroe Islands or at the Irish west coast. Most of these locations can come with some real logistical difficulties, not factoring in troubles with sourcing flowers, possible catering or other lovely extras. We understand that these issues can be a pain, but really, we love problem-solving that kind of stuff!

Apart from these northern regions, we are deeply in love with Italy, France and Portugal. 

If any of the above sounds good to you, give us a call or send an email. Chat us up on Instagram. We'd love to hear from you and start dreaming up your epic elopement with you!

Cosy Iceland Cottage for an intimate elopement

All images from Marsha & Ed's Iceland elopement, captured by Taylor & Porter. Planned, designed and styled by us. Here's what Marsha had to say afterwards: "We cannot express how lucky we are to have known Michaela and Lotta. Since the very beginning, they took the time to listen to our stories and patiently guided us from choosing location to picking accessories and other tiniest details to make the elopement unique to us.

But above all that, they have so much heart and passion in what they do that their warmth envelopes and eases you throughout the process, and to us, it was what made our day and this whole experience beyond perfect." Marsha & Ed


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